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Redbox Photography is a Christchurch- based commercial photography business with 15 years experience.

Redbox Photography offers expert services across many photographic genres. We specialise particularly in Business Portrait Photography, Business Headshots, Executive Portraiture and Product Photography, as well as offering expert services in Commercial photography, Architectural Photography, and Agricultural Photography.

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"Understanding the clients business before picking up the camera and shooting."


Johnny Houston  |  CEO



Bridging the gap between ad agency services and photography.

At Redbox photography we place emphasis on getting our clients results that convert into business. Our services extends beyond photography.  Whether it is product or people ....sending the right message is crucial to the success of your business.   Let us work with you or your ad agency to ensure you have the right photography for your business. 

Photography Services

We pride ourselves on understanding the client's business before picking up the camera and shooting.

Time is set aside to thoroughly understand the goals and objectives of every business we deal with. We work closely with you to achieve a visually pleasing and desired outcome.



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