Redbox is a professional commercial & business photography studio in Christchurch, bridging the gap between ad agency services and photography.

At Redbox, we bring together the strategic thinking of an ad agency with the artistic flair of a professional commercial photography studio.

We'll sit down with you to understand your business photography goals, the story you're trying to tell and what you ultimately want to communicate to your customers.

We then use our wealth of experience with commercial and business photography to translate those goals into the perfect images, capturing the essence of your message in visual form.


"Understanding the clients business before picking up the camera and shooting."


Johnny Houston  |  CEO


Redbox Photography - The Headshot Specialist

Our unique blended approach combines a high degree of business nous with top-shelf equipment and years of experience with product, architectural, agricultural, food and business portrait photography.

Whether you need new business headshots to make a more professional first impression, a product captured in the perfect light, delectable food snaps for a new menu or building photography that sends the right message, Redbox has the knowhow and professionalism to pull off the perfect shot.

We pride ourselves on understanding the client's business before picking up the camera and shooting.