Headshot Photography


As a Professional Portrait Photographer, how you prepare your clients for a Headshot or portrait session is crucial to getting a great picture.  Typically my customers come into my studio portrait sessions with an open mind.  Why? Because i have had an initial conversation with them about what to expect in their portrait session

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Rebrand Yourself

Rebrand yourself with a great Headshot

A great headshot cannot be under estimated.  Recently i have been browsing websites looking for potential customers in the Real Estate Industry, Car Sales, Solicitors and Insurance industries.  The kind of people who invariably put their images on their website or business cards to sell their product or service.

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Plastic Packaging

Recently we shot some new packing for one of our clients who decided to update there packaging labels to a new easy-to-read design with strong brand identification.  They also recognised the need to have their packaging professionally photographed so that their websites products looked great and inviting to their customers.  Shooting white packaging on a white background presents some technical challenge where the edges of the packaging are often lost in the white background. This can be resolved easily if you know how with a few little tricks and can save money in post production costs.  Another satisfied customer. Find out how.

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The telecommunications industry is a highly competitive industry so when Rexon Radios ask us to shoot their range of 2 way radios to replace their old photos on their website i was pretty excited. 

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John Houston
Model shoots

Redbox Photography offers test shoots for models wanting to build a model portfolio.  Great pictures are essential if you are considering a modelling career, but how do you get noticed?  

Remember that this is truly a “first impression” business. You know the quote – “You only get one chance to make a good first impression.” – There is no business where that is more true than modeling. Every agency or client that you contact – your photos, comp card or modeling portfolio will always go in the door before you.

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Farming Calendar

For the past few years i have been lucky enough to work with a client where i produce the content for their annual farming calendar.  They are mainly scenes from Mid Canterbury and North Canterbury and comprise of a wide cross section of farming types from Dairy to High Country Sheep and Beef.  I really enjoyed having the privilege of meeting the Farmers of these property's and understanding the challenges they face of a daily basis.  From Snow Raking in North Canterbury to the Irrigated plains of Mid Canterbury i hope that there is an image that appeals to you.

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