Lifestyle Headshots

At Redbox photography we don't just shoot corporate headshots ...we also shoot lifestyle headshots, fashion headshots, glamour, fitness.  Creating the right expression is what its all about.  You don't have to have a fancy camera to take a great headshot.  All you need is the ability to capture that perfect moment.  


Tip:  When you are working with your talent, try to relax them by making a joke.  Often when they laugh you can capture that perfect moment immediately after they laugh when their face is a little more relaxed.  Tell them to "Hold That Smile" ...beautiful" and get the shot.

Play around with props and don't be scared to experiment with facial expressions by giving them words that they can try to express.....Actors love this....tell them to give you "Grumpy" "Sad" "Perplexed" "Befuddled" to name a few.  Come up with your ones that might get reactions.  Usually they will laugh because to them there reactions are ridiculous....and thats when you often capture someone naturally laughing and smiling ..and not some forced smiled.  

Good Luck.



John Houston